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Invest in an Al Vande table. The Original One of a Kind!

Incomparable Wood

  • Every table begins with the wood. Al Vande hand-selects each board from his inventory before he begins the design process. The one-of-a-kind Originals he hand crafts reflect the character, grain, depth of colour, patina and even the history of the wood he selects. This makes an Al Vande table truly Original.
  • The lumber that Al Vande re-claims from historic barns, mills and homesteads throughout British Columbia is mainly old growth wood harvested from forests by early British Columbia builders and craftsmen in the 19th century or even earlier. This lumber grew under enormous canopies of foliage, and the shade allowed the trees to grow slowly resulting in tight growth rings. This means that the wood is dense, strong, and heavy and has an incomparable grain and beauty.
  • Time is the best craftsman. It has taken hundreds of years for nature to develop the natural grains and colors of the historic woods we use. After the wood was harvested, the slow aging of the lumber produces a patina and richness unavailable in more contemporary lumber.

Hand Crafted to Last for Generations

  • The finish is what makes an Al Vande table special. Each table is hand finished with multiple layers of Al Vande specialized blend of superior low maintenance finish. The finish is ship deck-quality, so it is durable, long lasting and uniquely beautiful.
  • Al Vande tables are not designed to be mere show pieces, they are meant to be used. Every Original is intended to be a functional part of the client’s home and passed on for generations. This adds to the legacy of the historic wood. With Al Vande Originals easy maintenance program, clients can use their tables for years and still maintain the depth and luster of the original finish.

Al Vande, Craftsman & Designer

  • Al Vande has perfected and mastered the art of wood finishing and his unique vision, feel and timeless style fits and enhances any décor.
  • Al Vande is setting the benchmark for furniture made from re-discovered posts, beams, boards, planks and other historic accents.
  • Al Vande is earning a solid reputation as a craftsman and designer based on his vision, uncompromised attention to detail and unrivaled finishes.

Signature Beauty

  • Al Vande signs every Al Vande Original table with his exclusive signet, subtly located on the apron of each table. Each ORIGINAL is branded, labeled, signed and dated together with a certificate of authenticity with a description of where the wood originated.
  • All Al Vande Originals table legs are hand made by Al Vande, resulting in solid, high-quality one-of-a-kind appeal. Hand turned legs are available on request.

Value for Generations

  • Al Vande develops a relationship with each client, so that he can better understand the client’s taste, needs and desires. This ensures that their clients “love” their new family heirloom.
  • Because Al Vande Original tables are One-of-a-Kind pieces, or like our name says ORIGINALS, thus they are highly desirable and sought-after by clients, designers and collectors.
  • Clients can purchase in stock Originals or arrange for custom designs that meet their specific décor, needs and desires. Get your Original by Al Vande now.




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